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You may wonder how a show like this gets started. It goes back to my first radio job at "The Sporty 1340", KAPA in Raymond, WA. I was a snot-nosed teenager and the station was a little 1000 watt daytime AM station that signed off at 6:30 every evening. After a 15 minute newscast at 6 o'clock we had another 15 minutes to fill and it was usually a prerecorded program by Carol Channing or some other fossil. One time I had nothing scheduled so I grabbed the Homer & Jethro albums from the production room. I had always loved their stuff so I thought someone else might too. At sign off I got a phone call from listener saying "Thanks for playing that" It was the first time I got a positive response from anyone so you know that memory stuck with me.
As I grew up (?) I discovered Dr. Demento and tuned in every week to find new and wonderful songs by Tom Lehrer and others. When Dr. D disappeared from the Seattle airwaves I found out that the Northwest had it's own "Mad Man" on "Music With Moskowitz". This was another great source for musical hilarity. Everytime I would hear another parody or original tune that made me laugh out loud I would write it down. When I found these treasures at Golden Oldies I told my kids maybe we would have money for food tomorrow. Over the years my weird song collection grew and my kids stayed thin (and got a warped sense of life through "The Masochism Tango" and "Poisoning Pigeons In The Park").
My radio career took a detour through the Postal Service from 1984 to 2008 (something had to pay for my three disk a day habit!) until I got in touch with Dale Hubbard. We had worked together at KAPA and KQLA (now KLAY) in Lakewood, and he now owned KMAS in Shelton, WA. After working Saturday mornings for a few months I asked him if I could do a novelty music show to fill a spot that had opened on Saturday nights. He must have had a liquid lunch that day (just kidding Dale) because he agreed.
I had the concept for the show in my head, and written on little scraps of paper, for years, including the title "The Musical Depreciation Society". I remember finding out later that Spike Jones had an album called "Musical Depreciation" which only reinforced that idea that it was a great name.
The Musical Depreciation Society hit the Puget Sound airwaves on July 12, 2008. It was an immediate success (in my mind anyway). My biggest regret about that first show was that I was putting everything together up until the last minute and never got a chance to record it for posterity. I opened with the perfect theme song, Also Sprach Zarathustra (The Theme from 2001) by the Portsmouth Sinfonia. Then, after introducing myself, I adlibbed, fairly closely, from the following notes:

. . . .Now, I understand that for most people novelty music is something that wears thin quickly.One of our goals is to keep this fresh so you don’t lose interest.Another goal is to always be entertaining.You will hear things you’ve probably never heard before.We will bring you variations on songs that you know well, but not the usual cover versions.We will work on bringing you NW artists.We would love your input.Let us know what you like and what you don’t like.I can’t promise that you will like it all but I promise we will listen to your opinion.

There are quite a few people who I owe my strange taste in music to.One of them passed away in August of 2006.If you’ve heard music like this on the radio before, you knew him as Mad Man Moskowitz.His real name was Robert Baron.As a child he was in the classic movie “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby and later was in the James Dean movie “Rebel Without A Cause”.All of us who appreciate off the wall music were lucky to have had a chance to listen to him.Here’s my attempt to carry on the tradition. . . .


From that point we made magic (once again, in my mind). I played some of my personal favorites on the first two shows. It lasted on AM 1030 for three months and then (funny how you can feel it coming) it's time there came to an end.

Now it's time for a new chapter in the life of the greatest crime fighter the world has ever known(oh crap, sorry, wrong show) "The Musical Depreciation Society" !.