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We Played WHAT?! The original place to find crazy music streaming on the internet and the first to promote us - Thanks! The place to find music by Faust & Lewis and many other funny artists at bargain prices!
The Boobles Not some guys singing Beatles parodies about boobs- it's to raise money to fight breast cancer
Heywood Banks What can I say about a guy with a warped mind and funny songs ? Are you my brother?
Mike Agranoff  It took me 15 years to find "My Favorite Diseases" and the song that's not on an album
Dr. Dan Hart" Leader of the Bland" played once on Dr Demento in 1983. I never forgot about it. Great guy.
Pinkard & Bowden The illegitimate children of Homer & Jethro. In my Top 10 favorite artists (maybe Top 5)
Dr. Elmo He has so much more than "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer'. Really nice guy. Check it out A great site for radio buffs run by a nice guy, who's also a radio guy - what are the odds?
Comedian Rik Roberts I found this site when doing some research. Another nice guy who sings a little In my humble opinion, Spaff and Lund are the Lennon and McCartney of today's parody artists
Tuba Jim & Roy  These guys make really funny parodies from songs that you don't usually hear parodies of
Mack Dryden Check out "Ode to Forgetfulness". We'll all get there some day and some are already there!
Parody and Son Topical parodies from a couple of guys who I believe don't get enough recognition. Go there!
Jelly Side Downe (Tess McManus)  Another funny song artist who loves to get some airplay netplay
Music for Maniacs Have to appreciate any place that brings us musical oddities that we might not hear otherwise
Manic Melodies  Phil Johnson sent me a couple of funny songs (don't tell him but I liked his website better)
Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers Someone suggested that I listen. I liked what I heard. You will too
Polish Racing Drivers of America I've been a member since the 70's. Now that I'm grown up...on 2nd thought...
Help little Kenzie Gunn fight her big heart problem  You've heard her dad's song "St. Patrick Never Drank"
Mrs. Miller The singing sensation of the 60's has a website (even though she has moved beyond this world)
Joe Bethancourt It's always fun to research something and find something else that's even better, like Joe's site
Harry Nilsson  The strange story behind a couple of songs on the "Son of Schmilsson" album is here
WFMU Some have asked where I find songs that fit historical events - I find out about many of them here
    (Although we are basically competing for the same donation $$, use the link below if you are so inclined)
Bill (my most loyal listener)  He has been doing cartoons for years and now has them on a website
        (I know the page says 38 at the bottom but in the digital age the magazine cover and all other pages count too)        
Oh, and the part about being on stage in Las Vegas - they left out that I was a one-time stooge for The Amazing Jonathan